True or False: Answers to Common Air Conditioning Beliefs

So summer is in full swing here in Centre County. However, for many of us – it feels as if it hasn’t even started. It is 32443024_seasier to believe it is spring instead with these rainy and cool days!!

But the truth is – the hottest days – the dog days of summer – are ahead of us.

Before you enjoy these hot days, we thought we’d share some True or False answers with you about air conditioning – just in case you want to make sure everything is running properly before the heat arrives.

False: Your house will cool faster when you crank the temperature as low as it will go.

The truth is – putting your AC on the coolest setting won’t make your house cool down any faster. The only thing it will do is jack up those electric bills. For best results keep your thermostat at a constant temperature.

True: Keeping your AC unit clean and free from debris and dirt can help it run better.

It is true that dirt and debris affects the performance of your outdoor unit. Debris and dirt blocks the airflow, which limits the amount of air being pushed through your vents.

True: Closing the shades or drapes on hot and sunny days gives your AC a break.

This is true for sure! Keeping the hot sun from entering your windows will prevent a high spike in indoor temperature. This will help your AC unit, so it isn’t overworked.

False: Filters don’t make that much of a difference.

One of the most common problems we see is an AC unit with a dirty filter. If you notice your house isn’t as cool as it should be, the first thing to check is the filter. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a clean filter makes!

If your AC unit isn’t running up to speed, we can help.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your system or repair your current unit, contact us today to schedule an appointment at 814-238-3756 or

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