PBCI-Allen Safety Bulletin

With heavy snow comes possible carbon monoxide safety concerns in the home.

If you have a natural gas / propane furnace or water heater with white PVC vent piping that connects to your furnace or water heater and comes out the side of your home low to the ground, heavy snow could cover the vent piping and possibly cause carbon monoxide in the home. 

Most furnaces have a safety switch to prevent this from happening but those safety switches also shut off the furnace which means that you may not have any heat or hot water until the vent pipes are cleared. 

So if you have a natural gas or propane furnace or water heater in your home, make sure that your vent piping is cleared out

If you have a heat pump that heats your home, and you notice that the outdoor unit is covered in snow and still trying to operate…. carefully clear the snow away from it. Do not use a shovel, you could damage it. 
Stay safe and let us know if you need our help.

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