Our Team

​Meet Our Team Members


​David Allen


Partner since Aug 1995

Associates Degree in HVAC Technology

from The Pennsylvania College of Technology


​Frank Peno Sr.


Partner since August 1995

Bachelors Degree in Architectural Engineering, Environmental Systems

From The Pennsylvania State University


​Office Staff

​Keriann Allen


Employee since Aug 1995

Kallen@pbci-allen.com, Ext 301

​Cheryl Bowser

​Accounting Assistant

Employee since October 2015

Notary Certified by Common Wealth of PA

Certified Insurance Service Representative

invoices@pbci-allen.com, Ext 308

​Whendee Christine

Accounting/Office Manager

Employee since May 2014

BA in Communications with Minor in Business Administration From Mansfield University of PA

Notary certified from the Common Wealth of PA

Quick Books Certified from Dubois Business College

Wchristine@pbci-allen.com, Ext 309

​Anne Peno

Human Resources

Employee since August 1995, Ext 317


​Dave Bloom


Employee since June 2009

Organizational Training from Weldon Long

dbloom@pbci-allen.com, Ext 305


​Dan Doroschenko

ATC/Electrical Project Manager

Employee since April 1997

Associates Degree in Electrical Technology

From The Pennsylvania College of Technology

dan@pbci-allen.com, Ext 307

​Toni Marino

Electrical Project Manager

Employee since July 2009

Bachelors Degree in Business Logistics

From The Pennsylvania State University

tmarino@pbci-allen.com, Ext 310


​Stephen Harter

Commercial Estimator/Sales

Employee since October 2005

sharter@pbci-allen.com,  Ext 311

​Dennis Litz

Electrical Estimator

Employee since January 2013

Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology

From The Pennsylvania State University

dlitz@pbci-allen.com,  Ext 319

​Jason Pritts

Purchasing Manager

Employee since August 2006

Associates Degree in HVAC Technology

From The Pennsylvania College of Technology

Jpritts@pbci-allen.com, Ext 315


​Frank Peno Jr.

Service Manager

Employee since August 2007

service@pbci-allen.com,  Ext 322

Christina Fuge

Assistant Service Manager

Employee since June 2013

Service@pbci-allen.com, Ext 316


​Larry Graham

Commercial Project Manager

Employee since September 1998

Associates Degree in Electrical Technology

From Triangle Tech

lgraham@pbci-allen.com, Ext 302