Converting from Oil-To-Gas

Switching your home from Oil to Natural Gas is a big decision. The benefits are plenty and you will be pleased with the cost savings on your utility bills. Your family's safety comes first and choosing the right contractor for the project will make a difference.

​There are Many Benefits ​to Switching from Oil to Natural Gas

  • ​Cleanest fossil fuel available, making it the environmentally responsible choice.
  • The largest supply is produced here in the United States and it is one of the most abundant resources.
  • Affordable choice since you will only pay for the actual energy usage each month.
  • Natural gas equipment is low maintenance and highly efficient compared to your old heating equipment.
  • Improved air quality and a more comfortable, consistent heat in your home.
  • Less work because no deliveries are needed; it is a convenient natural resource.

There are a few steps to follow to make the conversion to natural gas. First, you must check for gas availability in your area. The main providers of natural gas in our area are:

  • UGI
  • Columbia Gas

Discuss the conversion with your natural gas provider to determine your cost savings. They will provide you with the cost for installation of the gas service line and any additional fees required to connect the service line to your house. Take the time to examine financing options offered through your gas provider.

Next, contact  PBCI-Allen Mechanical & Electrical about the conversion process.  We will provide you with the cost to connect all appliances and equipment inside the home to the new gas meter. If your equipment and appliances are not already gas compatible, you will need to invest in new gas-friendly equipment. We can provide you with a free estimate on new gas heating and cooling equipment.

​Why Make the Natural Choice and Switch to Natural Gas?

  • Most comfortable, warm, even heat
  • Precise temperatures for cooking
  • Fast & dependable for hot water
  • 97% efficiency of natural gas appliances & equipment you place in your home
  • Affordable and abundant resource

At PBCI-Allen , we are your trusted advisor throughout the conversion process and offer a safe and worry free service. As your contractor, we can remove your old equipment and save you the hassle. Your comfort and budget are our priorities, and we will help you select the most efficient and cost saving solution for your home. For your safety, we include a low level carbon monoxide monitor with every gas conversion we perform.

Create an energy efficient home with all the warmth and comfort you and your family deserve.  Contact PBCI-Allen today to learn more about switching to natural gas.


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