Is Your HVAC System Ready for Spring?

Wow! Last week was gorgeous, wasn’t it? Maybe the groundhog was right and we are going to have an early cherry blossomsspring.

That brings up the thought ….

You might be ready for spring, but is your HVAC system?

The clocks are changed, the snow is melted and the birds are chirping. It is time to think spring and summer.

To help you prepare, we put together some tips, so you can have your HVAC system running efficiently when the hot weather arrives. Now is the time – don’t wait until your AC is pushed to the max to troubleshoot. Taking the extra steps now will give you peace of mind and help you stay comfortable even during those dog days of summer.

Steps to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

1. Clean it up.

Now that the snow is gone and warmer days are here, it is time to go outside and do some cleaning. Take time to move away all the debris that has accumulated around your outdoor unit over the winter. It is not unusual for wind to blow leaves, sticks and other unwanted debris into the fan blades and onto your HVAC unit. (If debris has accumulated inside the unit, please call PBCI-Allen to clean it out at 814.238.3756).

You can also clear away vegetation such as trees and shrubs that are growing into your outdoor unit. It is ideal to have at least two feet of open space for easy access and optimal performance.

2. Time to change those filters.

In order for your AC unit to run properly, it needs to have clean filters. During spring cleaning is the perfect time to replace your current filter with a fresh clean one.

Air filters are designed to catch dust, allergens and pollen before they enter your home. When filters are dirty, your system has to work harder to get you cool air. This decreases efficiency and increases your energy usage. Each system requires different time frames for changing filters. Be sure to reference your system’s guide book to determine the best air filter change schedule. And if you have pets, you will most likely need to do filter changes more often.

3. Clean some more.

If your house has a whole house AC system, be sure to check your vents, air ducts and registers. To keep your system running effectively, these items should be free from dust and dirt. Keeping these clean also cuts down on dust in your home, so it is a win-win for you!!

4. Do a quick test.

The next warm day, take a minute to turn on your AC unit to see if things are working properly. Turn your thermostat to cool and let the AC unit run for a few minutes to make sure it is cooling correctly. It is better to find out there is a problem now, rather than waiting until the hot and humid weather arrives!!

5. Professional maintenance is a must

Sure there are many things you can do on your own to keep your AC unit working properly. However, if you really want to prevent small problems from becoming big problems, then schedule your professional maintenance now. We can help your AC unit work efficiently and troubleshoot any problems that show up upon inspection.

Call or email us today to have your maintenance scheduled: 814.238.3756 or


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