IMPORTANT: 3 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Schedule Your AC Tune Up!

The weather in Central PA right now is fantastic! The days are longer and warmer. The windows are open. The nights are great for sleeping. It is truly a great time of year.

For many of us, we aren’t even thinking about our air conditioning systems yet. In fact, we often don’t think about them until something goes wrong.

However, each year this causes many headaches for our customers.

Instead – now is the perfect time to think about your AC system – and here’s why …

3 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Schedule Your AC Tune Up!

1. Scheduling is Easy: If you decide to schedule your tune up now, you have much more flexibility. When the heat goes up, so do the service phone calls. This means that scheduling your AC service may take more time. Now is the time to call PBCI-Allen, before the AC dash pours in.

2. Become More Energy Efficient: HVAC outdoor units become dirty during the fall and winter months. The dirtier they are, the more inefficient they become. A tune up will help boost your system’s efficiency, which will make your home much more comfortable during the hot months – without breaking your wallet.

3. Prevent Emergencies: Having an AC tune up can help prevent BIG problems down the road. PBCI-Allen technicians make sure everything is running properly before the hot and humid days arrive. When you follow recommended maintenance for your system, small problems can be identified BEFORE they turn into big problems.

If you are ready to schedule your AC tune up – give PBCI-Allen a call today at: 814-238-3756.

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