Energy Saving Tips for Summer

We look forward to it all winter long – summer …energy saving tips

However, when the hot air finally arrives and our air conditioning units are running non stop, often our thoughts turn to: How can I save some money on my energy bill?

Below are 10 energy saving tips to use this summer.

  1. You want to stay comfortable, but you don’t need to walk around your house with your winter coat on during the summer. Be sure to find a temperature that is comfortable, meaning not too hot or too cold. The closer you can keep the indoor temperature to the outdoor temperature, the lower your cooling bill.
  2. When you are away, it is okay to keep the temperature of your home warmer than usual. Whether you are on vacation or at work, install a programmable thermostat to make adjusting the temperature automatic.
  3. Setting your thermostat to colder, doesn’t cool your house any quicker than the normal setting. The only thing this results in is excessive cooling and an increase in energy cost.
  4. If you are experiencing very hot and humid weather, try to avoid cooking in the oven. Instead, use a grill outside or your microwave.
  5. Energy efficient lighting runs much cooler. Incandescent lights create a large amount of heat. In fact, only around 15% of the electricity used in these lights results in light. The rest of it is transformed into heat.
  6. Similar to cold air seeping into your house in the winter, warm air also finds its way into your home. Be sure to seal any cracks and openings to help your home stay as cool as possible.
  7. Weather stripping and caulking to seal leaky windows and doors is a great way to help save on energy costs. Take the time to ensure your house is air tight.
  8. When you clean your home during the summer, be sure to vacuum any of your registers. This helps remove the buildup of dust. Also, make sure that objects such as furniture are not blocking the airflow from your registers.
  9. Try to avoid putting your TV or any lamps next to your air-conditioning thermostat. The thermostat can sense the heat coming off of your appliances and can cause the AC to run longer.
  10. Schedule regular maintenance for your AC equipment.

If you have any questions about saving energy this summer or you are looking to invest in a new, more energy efficient AC unit, contact PBCI-Allen at 814.238.3756 to get started. We offer free estimates and financing is available for qualified buyers.

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