Energy Bills Giving You the Winter Blues ….

We haven’t had a cold winter for a few years. It is easy to forget how much the cold affects our energy cost. However, you do have some control over those high energy bills.

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Pull Out the Blankets

Did you know that for every degree you decrease your thermostat, you can save up to 5% on heating cost? So while you are at home, pull out the blankets, keep the sweaters on and enjoy your fuzzy slippers.

2. Inspect Your Appliances

Are your appliances old or outdated? Appliances are big energy drainers. They use about 20% of your home’s energy, so if they are old and inefficient, upgrading them may save you money!

3. What About Your Hot Water Heater

Approximately 11% of your energy bill goes to your water heater. Today there are options like gas and solar water heaters that can greatly reduce your energy usage. There is no need to keep a full tank of hot water when you aren’t using it. You have other options!

4. Thermostats Are Important

The technology today is incredible. By upgrading your thermostats to programmable ones, you can save a few hundred dollars a year. These smart home systems adjust the temperature in your home for you. Some of them are so smart that they learn your patterns and adjust accordingly.

5. Find the Leaks

Is your home drafty? It is amazing how new windows, doors or even a little caulking can help your home stay warm in the winter. Find the leaks in your home and either add some weather stripping or caulk or invest in new windows and doors.

6. Equipment Upgrade May Be Needed

Sometimes the equipment just can’t keep up. Maybe it is old or isn’t running properly. This is where PBCI-Allen can help. Let us inspect your equipment and give you options that work for you and your family.

Don’t let the winter energy blues get you down. Take control over your energy bill by implementing some of these tips.

And if you need our help, we specialize in many of these upgrades. Give us a call today to find out how 814.238.3756

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