Ductless Mini-Split Installation in State College, PA

Many older, contemporary homes like this one in the Walnut Springs neighborhood were designed without air conditioning. The owners searched for a local specialist in ductless mini-split installation in State College, PA and found us.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation In State College, PA

As you can tell from the photographs, the home has many levels and is nestled in the woods. While it offers great views of nature from many angles, the different rooflines, dormers, and the overall layout of the home prevents easy airflow and results in hot and cold spots everywhere.

This home was built without central air conditioning, and as we all know, State College is experiencing warmer and more humid summers than ever before, making air conditioning a necessity, not just a luxury. When the homeowners gave us a call at PCBI to see if we could help them get the comfort the craved, we knew we would have to design an innovative system that would give them the comfort they wanted, but would also be efficient and keep energy bills under control.

Problem: This modern home was built with concrete floors and limited attic space for ductwork. The homeowners wanted to improve comfort while reducing their energy bills and increasing the value of their home.

Solution: A three-zone Carrier Ductless heating and air conditioning system will provide the comfort they need all year long, lower energy bills, and with a 10-year warranty, increase the resale value of their home.

When we came out and took a look at the home, we knew we needed to design a system that would work with the design of the home, and around some of its challenges, like the concrete floors. Homes with floors like this end up feeling cold a lot of the time because it takes a long time for the floor to come up to room temperature. While that might be a welcome coolness in summer, it leads to downright frigid floors in Winter. That can make you feel cold just walking around in socks, even if the air is pretty comfortable. Add in the multiple levels and multiple sets of stairs, we knew we were going to have a challenge making sure we designed a system that would give the homeowners the comfort they wanted.

When we reviewed the challenges with the homeowner, and they decided to go with three zones of Carrier ductless heating and air conditioning. They wanted to make sure the master bedroom and home office had the comfort they needed year-round, and they added an additional unit for the basement storage area, to help control humidity.

Carrier ductless heating and air conditioning systems are a great choice to provide you with zones of comfort, right where you need them most. The systems consist of two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit, that can power up to nine indoor units. The indoor units are usually wall mounted units, sometimes called heads or cassettes, but floor-mounted or console units and ceiling mounted units are also available. This flexibility allows the experts here at PCBI to design the system you need to make sure all your comfort problems are solved.

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Indoor Unit State College PA

For this home, we used two wall-mounted units and one console unit to make sure the homeowners would get the comfort they needed and the air circulated throughout the room, ensuring every area was perfectly comfortable.

Carrier Ductless Floor Console Near State College PA

Each indoor unit can be controlled independently- creating a separate zone of comfort wherever they are located. That means the homeowners can turn off or power down the unit in the master bedroom during the day, and then turn it on when they want extra comfort in the evenings, saving money all day on energy bills by not heating or cooling areas no one is in to enjoy! With the touch of a button on the convenient remote control, the unit monitors the space for both temperature and humidity with state of the art sensors and then adjusts the comfort level to your preferences.

Carrier Ductless Inverter Technology

The high-efficiency inverter technology used by Carrier ductless systems allows it to use just the amount of energy needed to keep the comfort level steady and is one of the most efficient systems on the market. In fact, Energy Star says that ductless systems are up to 60% more efficient than regular electric baseboard heat. So our homeowners who were relying solely on electric baseboard heat will be able to save a ton of money this year-meaning lower energy bills every month, while also getting increased comfort throughout the home.

Our experts here at PBCI-Allen were able to hide the external lines so well, we challenge you to find them in the picture! Even better, the “hide-a-lines” can be painted to blend in with the house as well- giving you the look you want inside and outside your home.

The end results of the project were worth the effort! The homeowners now can sleep well every night in comfort in their master bedroom, and the home office is equally comfortable- and quiet! Carrier ductless systems run at 29db- whisper-quiet- meaning you can have the system running full blast, and take a conference call, and no one will know it’s there!

Because of the increased energy efficiency, the Homeowners also qualified for two rebates- one for $200 from Carrier and another $200 rebate from the energy provider, giving the homeowners an additional $400 in savings off the cost of the installation. Coupled with the lower energy bills they will be enjoying, our family will end up with budget-friendly comfort that will pay for itself over the life of the system.

If you’re looking for increased comfort in your home- whether its a cape, split-level or contemporary or anything else in between, our experts here at PCBI have helped homeowners just like you get the comfort they crave at a price they can afford. Give us a call today!

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