Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Howard, PA

One of the best things about the State College area is the outdoors. Long after people graduate from Penn State, many keep a home here in the Mountains surrounding Happy Valley, to enjoy the beauty and share it with their family, whether it’s year-round or just a vacation home.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation In Howard, PA

For the homeowners of this beautiful cape-style mountain home in Howard, PA, they were tired of putting in and removing window air conditioners every year, spending a full weekend to install them and then again in the Fall to store them- not to mention tying up windows for almost half the year! They also were looking for ways to save money on their high heating bills, if possible. They gave us a call here at PCBI to see what we might recommend and whether we could solve their comfort problems and help them keep energy bills under control.

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Installation Near State College PA

Problem: Cape-Style mountain home did not have central air, and the window air conditioners were inefficient and a pain to deal with every year. The homeowners also wanted to see if they could reduce their oil bill.

Solution: A Three-zone Carrier ductless heating and air conditioning system will give the homeowners the comfort they want throughout their home while using 30 to 40% less energy!

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Installation Near State College PA

When we came out to this terrific cape-style home in Howard, it had all the charm of a mountain cabin- and many of the same heating and cooling problems as well! Built without ductwork, the home was heated by an oil boiler and radiators, but had no air conditioning. With the increasingly hot and humid summers, the homeowners began relying on window air conditioners.

Window air conditioners will keep part of your home comfortable, but they don’t even circulate cool air evenly throughout the room, so you might be comfortably cool when standing near the unit, but less so if you’re on the other side of the room. These units are often loud, which can keep people from getting a great night’s sleep. And worst of all, they are energy hogs and can cost an arm and a leg to run. Plus, you have to guess the perfect weekend to install them in the Spring, and when to put them away in the Fall. And as luck would have it, there always seems to be a really cold day after you put them in, leaving the room freezing, or a really hot day after you store them for winter, leaving you sweating.

Fortunately, Carrier ductless heating and cooling systems can provide both heating and cooling with one unit, without relying on ductwork. The systems consist of two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit which can power up to 9 wall-mounted indoor units that each create a separate zone of comfort wherever they are located. The indoor units, sometimes called heads or cassettes, monitor the room for temperature and humidity and make the adjustments necessary to evenly distribute heated or cooled area throughout the space- eliminating hot and cold spots.

Ductless Mini-Split Remote Control Near State College PA

The comfort level can be adjusted by the touch of a button on a remote control, or you can add a thermostat or smart technology, allowing you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone!

After consultation, the homeowners decided that three zones of comfort with Carrier Ductless would work for them. We placed the first indoor unit in the living room, then another in the dining room/kitchen area, and lastly, we created a separate zone of comfort for the master bedroom. Each zone can be controlled independently, so when the homeowners get ready for bed at night they can easily adjust the comfort level in the master suite to their liking while turning off or using power-save mode on the units located elsewhere in the house. Then in the morning, they can add that touch of coolness to the kitchen, while powering down the unit in the master. By controlling each of these zones independently, everyone can have the comfort level they want, and the homeowners aren’t wasting money heating and cooling areas of the home when they’re not in use.

Because Carrier ductless systems rely on a highly efficient heat pump system using inverter technology, the units can both provide supplemental heat or air conditioning to anywhere where they are placed. Energy Star, a program run by the US Department of Energy and the Department of Environmental Protection, hows that ductless heating and cooling systems like Carrier ductless can save homeowners 30% in energy costs when compared to window air conditioners and are up to 60% more efficient than other electrical-based heating options. This increased efficiency and zoning will be sure to bring our homeowners lower energy bills each and every month, which is something every homeowner can appreciate. In fact, the Carrier ductless systems are so efficient, they qualified for energy-saving rebates- $200 from Carrier and $200 from the energy company, giving these homeowners an additional $400 savings on this installation by PBCI-Allen!

We know that our homeowners are already appreciating the additional coolness from the system, as well as getting their windows back- to enjoy the mountain views they love. But we also know they will really appreciate the savings in the winter when they can use the Carrier ductless system to provide supplemental heat, even when it’s -15 degrees outside! The Carrier ductless system is a perfect way to add that touch of heat on frosty fall evenings to the living room, and later in the master bedroom, helping you to put off turning on the main heat for the whole home. Then, on cold days, they can add that little extra touch of warmth, right when they want it, without worrying about having to adjust the temperature for the whole home. That means the homeowners will be able to use less heating oil this year, and with the volatile nature of oil prices, that will help keep their energy bills in line all season long.

At PBCI-Allen we pride ourselves in providing innovative and effective solutions for your home’s heating and cooling problems, just like we did for this cape-style home in Howard. If your home needs additional comfort, Summer or Winter, and you’re tired of moving those heavy, bulky air conditioners around, not to mention the mold and mildew that can build up inside, just give us a call here at PCBI. We can show you how affordable Carrier ductless could be for your home, giving you the comfort you always wanted, while also reducing your energy bills.

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