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PBCI-Allen Safety Bulletin

With heavy snow comes possible carbon monoxide safety concerns in the home. If you have a natural gas / propane furnace or water heater with white PVC vent piping that connects to your furnace or water heater and comes out the side of your home low to the ground, heavy snow could cover the vent […]

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Winter is Coming. Is Your Home Ready?

Be on the lookout for 2019 Service Maintenance Contracts. They will be coming out soon. Also, we now offer Drain Jetting: If you pour grease down your drains, this might be a service worth doing. Finally, if you are concerned about the lint in your dryer vent, we now offer dryer vent cleaning. Call us today for information on any of these services: 814.238.3756.

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Is Your Home Ready for Cold Weather?

If you haven’t seen the forecast for the next week or so – December is expected to be cold! Are you ready? Bring on the snow for the holidays!! To make sure you and your home are prepared before the cold nights arrive, there are a few things you want to inspect Here are a […]

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