Backup Power Generator

Your Family's Safety and Comfort provided by a Home Stand-by/Back-up Generator

​Standby Generators

A home standby generator is permanently installed outside your home and wired directly into the electrical system to provide power to some or all of your home's circuits during a disruption of normal utility power.  The generator senses when there is a power outage,  and turns on automatically to provide the necessary backup power to your home  until utility power has returned. There are many options for you to choose starting with essential backup through whole house coverage. 

Standby generators are fueled by natural gas, diesel or liquid propane and require professional installation.

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Standby generators are also available for Commercial & Residential use.​


  • ​Automatic transfer switch for power on and off
  • Permanent fixture outside your residential or commercial building
  • Advanced coverage during local power-outages
  • Professionally installed by PBCI-Allen qualified technicians
  • 24/7 Protection

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