5 Tips to Control Your Rising Energy Costs

Close those blinds.

It may come as a surprise to you, but if the weather is hot and you want to save some money, be sure to close up 26948658_sthose blinds and curtains. Even though it feels great to see the sun, closing your curtains during the day does make an impact on your energy usage. When the sun is shining brightly into your home, your air conditioners work extra hard to keep your home cool. So be sure to keep those blinds closed on extra hot days.

Get an annual checkup.

Just like your body needs a check up each year, so does your air conditioning unit. Heating and air conditioning can account for up to half of your energy bill. So, if you want to save money on that bill it makes sense to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible. Make sure to schedule annual cleanings, filter changes, and checkups. And if your unit is more than 10 years old, it might be time to consider investing in something new.

Hot days = hands off the thermostat

When it comes to your thermostat, on extremely hot days and nights it is more efficient to keep your temperature at a comfortable level. Turning your temperature up and down is hard on equipment and your wallet. With the right humidity levels in your home, the optimal temperature for efficiency is 76 to 78 degrees. PBCI-Allen offers equipment that will maintain ideal humidity and temperature for your home.

Lightbulbs make a difference.

If you haven’t upgraded your lightbulbs to fluorescent bulbs yet, now may be the time. Although these bulbs are initially more expensive than standard lightbulbs, they do make an impact. Check this out: one standard incandescent lightbulb costs the same to operate as six to ten fluorescent bulbs.

Energy efficient matters

It might be time to do inventory of your appliances and air conditioners. If they haven’t been replaced to the energy efficient models, you may want to upgrade. Today’s new energy efficient models average between 10 and 20 percent cheaper to operate than the older outdated models.

Although we can’t do much about the rise in energy rates, we can make an impact on your costs. Whether it is time for a new air conditioning unit or your current system needs a check up, PBCI-Allen is here to help.

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