Building Automation

Building Automation

The primary purposes of a Building Automation System are to control costs, maintain a consistent climate and notify facility staff of an emergency.  By monitoring and controlling a building's mechanical and lighting systems, this computerized, intelligent network of devices can ultimately reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Building systems are often regulated by hours of operations and amount of daylight. Controllers can also read temperatures, humidity, pressure, air flow and other factors. Based on parameters that are set for your organization's unique needs, usage of lighting, HVAC, water heating and other systems can be maximized to allow for the most energy savings possible, without sacrificing comfort or operations


Building Automation Systems

Building Automation describes the functionality provided by control systems of a building. A building automation system (BAS) is an intelligent network of electronic devices, designed to monitor and control the mechanical and electrical systems in a building.

Adjusting Digital ThermostatPBCI-Allen Mechanical & Electric can develop a  home automation system for your home, including HVAC solutions, lighting solutions, utility monitoring, security systems and life safety systems.

Your system will run on one of several modes, including occupancy which is usually based on time of day schedules. In occupancy mode, the BAS aims to provide a comfortable climate and adequate lighting, often with zone-based control, so that users on one side of a building have a different thermostat than users on the opposite side.

Lighting AutomationLighting can be turned on, off or dimmed through a lighting control system based on time of day, occupancy sensors, photo sensors and timers.

Many buildings have automation systems for their security systems as well. If an alarm is detected it can be programmed to notify a designated person. Security systems can be connected to a building automation system.

Preventative Maintenance - Fire AlarmPBCI-Allen's team of professionals can implement a plan for your building's systems to create greater energy efficiency which will lower utility bills. Once the plan is in place, our technicians are able to install your new system, so you'll start seeing savings right away.

A comprehensive plan will create cash annuities from the savings realized from small projects to help fund even larger energy saving projects.


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